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CIO magazine - what we're Reading Mon 26 Oct 09

Cio The October 15th print edition of CIO magazine featured this blog in its "what we're Reading" section. This section is about "books, blogs and the latest leadership about IT, management and leadership". It's very flattering to be included. Thank you CIO magazine!

To those of you visiting my blog as a result of reading about it in CIO magazine, welcome! I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your comments and suggestions.  The best part of running a blog are the conversations it starts. Please leave a comment.

I'd also like to thank Steve Francia  for alerting me to this as I on vacation last week when this came out and would have likely missed this in the crush of catching up. Check out Steve's blog, spf13, where he's "Living at the intersection of Business, Technology and Strategy".

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