Interesting and Useful Links Mon 17 Aug 09

Social Media Policy and Employee Guidance by Will Weider on Candid CIO.  Will does an excellent job of recognizing that people will use social media at work and that it can have both benefits and pitfalls for your organization. He lays out some excellent guidelines and explains the "why" behind them which will go along way towards getting acceptance and compliance.

7 Keys to Describe Your Achievements by Simon Stapleton.  Some great career advice and who can't benefit from that in today's economy. He reminds us of some important things about outlining your achievement to better sell yourself to prospective employers.

It’s OK to say, “I Don’t Know…” by Arun Manansingh on "a cio's voice" points out how being honest about what we do or do not know impacts our credibility.

Password Advice by security expert Bruce Schneier. He provides 10 rules for keeping your password safe. It's not always easy, Schneier readily admits that even he regularly breaks 7 of them.

Lean & Forrester’s Business Technology Forum by Glenn Whitfield on IT Business Alignment (IT2B).  Glenn provides some excellent commentary on the adoption of Lean in IT and the concern that Forrester Research's approach is more about chasing a trend than true cultural adoption.

Communication: Are you the king, or a guard? by Jonathon Babcock on Practical Analyst.  Babcock draws an interesting comparison in the communications between analysts and developers.  I can relate to what he wrote, it's deja vu all over again.

Enterprise 2.0 Does Not Necessarily Mean Power To The People by G. Oliver Young. Young provides some good tips for rolling out Enterprise 2.0 apps.

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Interesting and Useful Links Mon 03 Aug 09

I've fallen a little behind in my reading but I'm slowly catching up.  Here are some links I've found.

Strategic or Operational CIO ! Making choices  on Oh I See (CIO Inverted) discusses the important difference between being strategic and being operational.

CIO Cloud Computing 101: Problems With Clouds on The Accidental Successful CIO on the seven challenges of cloud computing.

The OMG-WTF Spectrum on illustrating the process of understanding.

Project Success and Failure and The New CIO on Eric Brown's Technology, Strategy, People & Projects, the latest installment in Eric's New CIO series - well worth the read.

All I Do Is Work Here on Seth's Blog about the need to be proud of where you work.

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Interesting and Useful Links Mon 22 Jun 09

If communication is so important... on Better Projects by Craig Brown reminding us we need to do more than just talk about how important communication is.

Whose Fault? Yours. on the The Effective CIO by Chuck Musciano about taking ownership of what we work on.

Alan Mulally's Mind Map Doesn't Include Lean? on Mark Graban's, The Lean Blog.  An interesting reminder that we all need to keep Lean concepts in mind in all we do.

Your Name is Safe in My House on Jonathon Babcock's Practical Analyst which discusses the importance of relationships as we work with various people and groups and most importantly the importance of not betraying a trust.

Do you have a ‘go to’ person on your team? on Technology, Strategy, People and Projects by Eric D. Brown.  We all have our "go to" person but we need to make sure we don't burn them out and we need to work on making everyone on the team the "go to" person.

How Social Networking Can Pay Off for Enterprises by Judy Mottl on CIOZone - a good discussion of how companies can use social networking tools.

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Interesting and Useful Links Mon 08 Jun 09

Twelve things every IT professional must know about their enterprise by Mark McDonald on Garter.  A great reminder of what we need to keep in mind if you want to have a successful corporate IT organization.

Got a Halo or Horns? First Minutes Last by Liz Strauss about how are actions are perceived based upon how well people know us.  A great illustration of why it is just as important for IT to get close to our customers users as it is for the salesforce to get close to their customers.

Who owns Master Data in your company? by cazh1 on the importance of working with the business in controlling and maintaining master data.

Can You Lose Your Fingerprints? on Scientific American.  This really doesn't have anything to do with IT but I found it interesting.  If it hasn't already I'm sure this will show up on CSI at some point.

This is a first…News site sued for the way Google summarised one of its pages (updated) on "the Next Web".  We may be responsible for what we write but also for how Google summarizes it. - Scary.

Connecting to the Internet with a 1964 Modem on "the Next Web".  An amazing story of connecting to the Internet with a 45 year old modem.  I wonder is this is what Al Gore used when he invented the Internet.

Twitter Management on Thinking Faster on the need to employ tools such as Twitter and Facebook in the workplace as a new generation enters.  I struck a similar theme in Why Companies Need Web 2.0.

Pondering Google, Facebook And Wasting Time by Andrei Codrescu on NPR presents an interesting perspective on social media in our life.

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Interesting and Useful Links Mon 04 May 09

The Dark Art of IT Investment on CIO Inner Voice discussing how we should look at our IT investments.

How to Build your Web Presence Part 2: Google Profiles on blueskyresumesblog on setting up a Google profile so it shows when someone Googles your name. 

Wash your hands and go back to work on Sanders Says,  a breath of fresh air in the all of the hype on swine flu.

Make accessibility more real on Usability In The News provides some great tips on making our systems and applications more accessible for all.

Cyber Safety, Not Cyber Fear on Techucation on having some rational thinking in the discussion of cyber safety for our kids.

A Brief and Colorful History of Technology in Business on Lundberg Media about where we've been and where we're going.  Be sure to check out the links to Slideshare to get the audio portion and also to comedian Louis CK's talk on about being amazed by technology.

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Interesting and Useful Links Mon 27 Apr 09

Not very many links this week but there are a couple of interesting ones.

Boot-Up Time: Zero Seconds on Forbes regarding work that is going on to develop an "instant on" capability for your PC.  "When you turn on your computer it would spring to life, without needing to boot. If you lose power in the middle of writing your great novel you can just pick up where you left off."  We aren't there yet but boy would I love to see this.  The time it takes to boot-up is one of the most frustrating things about a PC.

30 Ways to Lose a Job on Twitter on ResumeBear.  This is a humorous look at some of the stupid and possibly career ending things people say on Twitter.  You would think by now people would know better but apparently not.  Maybe they're hoping to get the Darwin Award.

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Interesting and Useful Links Mon 20 Apr 09

Updating Windows is like wearing seat belts on Threat Chaos regarding asking the tough questions about negligence.  Specifically asking why some computer systems aren't up-to-date with anti-virus definitions

Web 2.0 Tools Gain Enterprise Acceptance on about how Web 2.0 is starting to gain ground  in the enterprise.  On the same topic, Joshua-Michele Ross had a great article in Forbes, Why Business Needs To Get Social.  I find these encouraging, see my earlier post, Selling Web 2.0 to IT.

McKinsey report "Clearing the air on cloud computing" (available at the Uptime Institute) is getting a lot of attention since they suggest that it may not be advantageous for large enterprises.  Nicholas Carr's The big company and the cloud , Dan Blacharski's McKinsey's cloud report rains on cloud computing's parade and TechCrunch's McKinsey's Cloud Computing Report Is Partly Cloudy offer some differing perspectives.

Leading Lean: NIH at Assembly Magazine discusses the "Not Invented Here" syndrome.  NIH is a characteristic that we in IT often see and sad to say some times exhibit.

IT Survey: Not quite ready for Windows 7 on MSNBC discusses survey results that many are skipping Vista and waiting for Windows 7.  It also suggest that Windows 7 may have some acceptance problems as many people view it the same way they do Vista.

And finally to close things out on a inspirational note, my good friend, Kent M. Blumberg, recently wrote Don't wait!  It's about something we should all take some time to consider and is great advice for those affected by the current economic conditions.

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Interesting and Useful Links Mon 13 Apr 09

Forgotten IT Skills: How To Ask Questions on The Business of IT regarding rediscovering "the ancient art of asking the right questions".

An interview on email mastery on Sanders Says - some good tips for controlling your email 

The Stream on Rough Type, Nicholas Carr's blog on communicating through the stream on Facebook which may in reality be only a new way of advertising.

Top 10 Reasons Your Company Probably Shouldn't Tweet on Advertising Age which explains why so few large companies successfully use Twitter

Ad Age’s Twitter Rules: Close, But No Cigar on Strategic heading with G. Oliver Young's take on the Adveritsing Age article

A creature of the culture on Thinking Faster regarding how Rick Wagoner (former CEO of GM) had become bound by the culture, and bound to the culture of GM, and unable to full rationalize the change necessary to GM for it to be successful.  A good reminder for us as we so often become bound by and to the culture of IT.

5 reasons to discuss failure by Michael Krigsman on how we learn more from our failures than our successes

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Interesting and Useful Links Mon 06 Apr 09

The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500 on Gary Hamel's Manangement 2.0 blog on The Wall Street Journal Digital Network regarding "the post-bureaucratic realities that tomorrow’s employees will use as yardsticks in determining whether your company is “with it” or “past it.” "

Please, Hamel, Don’t Hurt ‘Em Andrew McAffee's comments on Hamel's article.

'Normal People' Face Grave Threats Online by Nicole Ferraro on Internet Evolution regarding issues of cybersecurity.  I especially like the quote by Alex Stamos at the end of the article.

Strategic planning: Three tips for 2009 on McKinsey Quarterly (free but registration required) provides some good pointers on strategic planning that apply equally well to IT.

Who Should be in Charge of U.S. Cybersecurity? on Bruce Schneier's blog regarding which government agency should be in charge of cybersecurity. 

Communication is Key on Manage to Change.  A good reminder.

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Interesting and Useful Links Mon 30 Mar 09

UK prison IT: Massive and 'spectacular' failure on IT Project Failures - a good lesson we can all learn from.

Seven Years... on AbleBrains showing the right way to leave a company.

My first 100 days as a business analyst [guest post] on Bridging the Gap between Business and IT regarding lesson on how to succeed

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