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July, 2010

CIOCIO Meridith Levinson just published a great article on and on communication mistakes that CIOs (and I dare say many in IT) make.  There is a lot that we all can learn from these common mistakes.

Levinson was kind enough to mention some blogs (including this one) that show how "convincing, credible and captivating" CIOs can be saying:

For years, CIOs have been fighting the stereotype that they're weak communicators, unable to speak the language of business or relate to anyone outside of IT. But by using practiced communication skills, many CIOs are proving how convincing, credible and captivating they can be—in the boardroom and on the Web. (For evidence, check out blogs by British Telecom's (BT) JP Rangaswami, Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center CIO John Halamka and Mike Schaffner, the director of IT for Cameron International's valves and measurement group.)

February, 2010

Horison_Watching Bill Chamberlin of Horizon Watching blog "set out to find those practicing CIOs, CTOs, and IT Leaders who have embraced the social media with passion. I scoured the Net to find CIO’s that are blogging and tweeting about issues and events that are important to CIOs and the IT industry in general. These are the CIOs that are actively creating and participating in discussions in the social media. They are sharing their experiences and ideas in the public Internet, instead of holding these experiences and ideas to themselves." He wrote about the results of his search in Top 50 CIO and IT Leaders in the Social Media. Bill was nice enough to include me in this list.

February, 2010

IBM_InterviewMark Miller of IBM inteviewed me as part of their series on Aligning Business and IT. As I don't know how long this will be available I've also made it available in PDF format

October, 2009

Cio The October 15th print edition of CIO magazine featured this blog in its "what we're Reading" section. This section is about "books, blogs and the latest leadership about IT, management and leadership".

September, 2009

CIO_Insight_ChinaLi Xiaohui with with CIO Insight - China wrote a profile and interview piece about my non-traditional IT career, customer service orientation and interest in social media.  Translations from the Chinese are available via Bing or through Babelfish.  Neither translation is perfect but they do manage to convey the general intent.

August, 2009

CIOKristin Burnham with interviewed me for her article, Expand Your Brand.  In this article, Burnham interviewed Kirsten Dixon, online reputation management expert and coauthor of Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand along with Chris Curran, CTO and partner at Diamond Management & Technology Consultants and creator of the "CIO Twitter Dashboard" and me on the use of social media.  As Burnham states, "The benefits of social media outweigh the downsides. It's time for CIOs to reach out."

June, 2009

Forbes Michael Eggebrecht on CIOZone published an article on the adoption of social media, 12 CIOs Who Love Social Media.  He writes "Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring social networking technology, as some large enterprises have opted to do, probably isn't the solution. But there are many CIOs who don't need to be told that -- they're already out there, blogging, twittering and networking on sites like CIOZone and Facebook."  Eggebrecht was kind enough to include me and this blog on that list.

June, 2008

Forbes I've been asked to be a regular contributor on technology issues to  This is the online extension of Forbes business magazine, a leading business journal and is as they say the "HOME PAGE FOR THE WORLD'S BUSINESS LEADERS".  The posts I write for Forbes. com will also be posted on this site.  As always, I encourage you to participate in the discussion either at Beyond Blinking Lights & Acronyms or at Forbes. com.  I'll include a statement at the end of the posts along with the logo on the posts that appear in both locations.You can see a list of my posts on or by clicking on the Forbes logo.

April, 2008

Dice Sonia Lelii from, a recruiting and career development website for technology and engineering professionals, interviewed me as part of her story, Business Analysts Raise Their Profile in their Technology Today section.

December 17, 2007

Rocky Mountain News Kevin Flynn from the Rocky Mountain News, wrote an article, Late connection delayed bag, but airline was ready about how the airlines handle delayed baggage and quoted my post Some Technology Suggestions for Airline Customer Service.

October 3, 2007

Wall Street Journal Sarah Needleman of the Wall Street Journal inteviewed me as for her article How Faith-Based Networking Can Aid Job Searches. This is no longer available at the Wall Street Journal site. However, they syndicated the article and it is available at South Coast Job Mart web site.

Spring, 2007

Smart Enterprise The Spring, 2007 issue of Smart Enterprise magazine profiled 6 blogs "written for and by innovative CIOs and IT Leaders" and included my blog in this list in their article Blog Wise.

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