Responsible Twittering Wed 05 Aug 09

The company's security issues are well-known, but users also need to be more responsible about what they tweet.

Twitter bird matt hammTwitter, the popular social media app was recently awarded a Pwnie (pronounced "pony") at the BlackHat Security Conference. The reason for this rather dubious honor was due to what some call this year's biggest security failure. Apparently, a hacker was able to gain access to confidential documents by hacking into the e-mail account of Twitter Chief Evan Williams.

Prior to this, a similar incident occurred where someone hacked the password of a Twitter administrator and gained access to user accounts, including that of then President-elect Obama.

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United Breaks Guitars Mon 20 Jul 09

Leadership Is More Important Than Ever In Tough Times

Broken guitar paul j sI've been out of touch for much of the past 2 weeks dealing with a family emergency and then a strategy meeting at work so I know this is old news but I couldn't help but comment.  It seems that Canadian musician Dave Carroll was traveling from Halifax to Nebraska on United Airlines and observed baggage handlers throwing his guitar around and ended up with a broken guitar.  

United being United basically didn't seem to care and wouldn't do anything about it.  However,  Carroll not willing to take apathy for an answer put his musical talents to work and wrote a song about it and made a music video on YouTube.  The song is really quite good and the video has had over 3.2 million views so far.   Here is the video:

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Step Away From The Computer Wed 08 Jul 09

Don't Let Technology Inhibit Communication

Avatars brtsergio E-mail, instant messaging and social media tools such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter have dramatically changed the way we communicate. While technology has made communication easier, it hasn't necessarily improved the quality of our communication.

The reason: We can hide behind technology and avoid the human interaction that is essential for good communication. But this doesn't mean we should abandon our technology. Rather, we need to strike a moderated balance in our use of technology.

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12 CIOs Who Love Social Media Mon 29 Jun 09

Forbes Michael Eggebrecht on CIOZone published an article on the adoption of social media, 12 CIOs Who Love Social Media.  He writes "Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring social networking technology, as some large enterprises have opted to do, probably isn't the solution. But there are many CIOs who don't need to be told that -- they're already out there, blogging, twittering and networking on sites like CIOZone and Facebook."  Eggebrecht was kind enough to include me and this blog on that list.  Thank you, Michael.

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Twitter's Dilemma Wed 10 Jun 09

Has the popular microblogging service become a victim of its own success?

Fail_whalestarted using Twitter five months ago with some reluctance. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or if I'd be willing to put up with the inane commentary. Since then, I've learned that Twitter is really about conversation that you can make as trivial or serious as you desire. I've even suggested that Twitter has a place in the corporate world.

Although I still see the value in Twitter, I am beginning to wonder about its long-term viability. Twitter is growing exponentially and has reported an astounding 1,382% year-over-year growth. This growth has, however, apparently caused scalability issues and may also cover up some disturbing trends that could adversely impact its long-term user base and possibilities for monetization.

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Analyzing The Cloud Wed 29 Apr 09

A recent report says cloud computing may not be cost effective for big companies. But that's not the whole story.

A_lonely_cloud_jasoneppinkA few weeks ago, I had lunch with an old friend and his associate, who happened to be an analyst at one of the major information technology research firms, and our conversation drifted to cloud computing.

During this conversation, we agreed that cloud computing would make inroads with small- to medium-enterprises (SMEs) but not with large enterprises. Our conclusion wasn't based on economics but on IT culture. As my new friend stated, "The No. 1 barrier to the use of the cloud is IT culture."

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IE8 Pros And Cons Wed 15 Apr 09

Microsoft's latest browser update likely won't help the company win back market share.

Microsoft had a natural path to market share dominance, packaging its Internet Explorer browser and Windows operating system. After all, many users wouldn't bother to download a competing browser when the one that came with their PC was perfectly fine. But with dominance also came complacence.

As a result of this complacence, IE's market share has slowly eroded from over 90% to approximately 67%. Faster and more feature-rich browsers, most notably Firefox, have been steadily eroding IE's market share as users have determined that the hassle of downloading another browser is worth it to get the speed, security and features they want.

While 67% is still a very significant share, the continuing decline is no doubt a matter of concern at Microsoft. The new IE8 appears to be aimed at combating this decline by competing directly with the other browsers. I recently downloaded the new IE8 to see how well it does and was impressed by some of the improvements but disappointed by others.

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Twitter in the Corporate World Wed 15 Apr 09

Ford CEO to take question on Twitter today.

I've written in the past suggesting that the corporate world should start embracing Web 2.0 technologies.  Most notably in Twitter's Corporate Message and Why Companies Need Web 2.0.  Last night I re-tweeted Scott Monty, Ford's Director of Social Media:

RT @ScottMonty: Ford's CEO Alan Mulally will be taking questions live on Twitter tomorrow on @Ford The tag is #FordCEO

It's encouraging to see a company like Ford to use this technology in such a high profile way.  They seem to have a better understanding of Twitter than most companies who view it as just another advertising channel.  I look forward to seeing how this goes.

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Security In The Cloud Mon 02 Feb 09

Recent High Profiles Breaches Highlight Security Flaws That Are Not Just In The Cloud

Lock_AMagill In the past few months there have been some high profile security breaches involving cloud applications that may give people pause in using the cloud.  These got a lot of publicity because of the victims involved.

The first was Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account being hacked.  The second was a hacker gaining control of then President-Elect Barack Obama's Twitter account.

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Career Management With The Help of Technology: Networking Wed 28 Jan 09

This is the second in a series of four posts regarding managing your career with the help of technology.  I've chosen the title words very carefully as I wanted to talk about the life-long process of career management not to be confused with the job search process.  Oh for sure, the job search process is a part of this but the management of your career should not start and stop with each job search you go through.  I am eager to learn what has worked well for you.  Please leave your comments and suggestions. 

We've all learned that the 3 major keys to successful career management are networking, networking and networking.  The good news is that technology can help in this.  Technology can't replace personal face-to-face networking on a big scale but it can supplement it.

Perfect_tree_daveybot If you ask an arborist when the best time to plant a tree the stock answer is "10 years ago".  Okay, so what's the second best time? - "Today".  The same holds true for networking which is why it is so important to think of it as part of your on-going career management rather than the short period of a particular job search.  And just like a tree growing your network takes time and you have to cultivate it and nurture it for it to prosper.  I'll discuss in this and future posts how technology can help in this.

The first and most obvious technologies are the networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.  These are designed for the purpose of making network connections.  They allow you to keep track of our friends and associates and they also provide a way to connect with their friends and associates.

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